**** CONGRATULATIONS Stergie(KG5DHF) For achieving Amateur Extra. ****

We meet at  7:30 PM the second Thursday every month  at Fire Station #6 Farmington NM.

Join us for breakfast most Saturdays at 7:30 AM at Los Hermanitos east in Farmington.

ARRL Affiliation: May 10, 1956

President: Dave Jordan(KE7ILU), Vice President: Bill Welch(KK5ZH)

Secretary: Donnie Walker(KJ5GQ), Treasurer: Bobbie McGraw (N5XDQ)

Trustee (2015*): Paul Holmes (NM5PH)

Trustee (2016*): Doug Troxel (NQ5G)

Trustee (2018*): Paul Hecht (KE5FBN)

(*Final year of term)

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